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Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.
Paolo Coelho

In the afternoon and evening of Sunday January 13th, 2019, I experienced an intense and prolonged moment of enlightenment. Literally, because everything felt, looked, tasted, sounded, and smelled lighter. Now, of course you wish to read more about this unusual experience, and it’ll come as no surprise that I am saving it for the book.


You see, as much as some people strive to experience even a glimpse of such a moment of enlightenment, the moment passes. It’s what comes next that I find even more interesting:


What happens AFTER your moment of enlightenment?

In my case, the experience of enlightenment — as mind blowing as it was! — was a mere kick-off to a string of even more amazing events. It introduced me to feeling based living, it inspired me to start traveling (my pilgrimage), and it led me to this particular idea of sponsorship. Potentially, my enlightenment may lead to YOUR NAME being mentioned in the book I am writing — how is that for a string of unusual events?

214 days of pilgrimage
64 pages written
3 countries traveled

Why this book?

To summarize my intention for this book:


I wish to take readers by the hand, while I follow this shamanic path that I have discovered during my pilgrimage, and share how SIMPLE and FREE life can be — all the while getting closer to what it’s like to be authentically me.


The proof of the pudding lies in the eating, and this is where I intend to make a difference.


I have six Core Beliefs that forge the groundworks of everything I think and do, and it is through my thoughts and actions that I bring these spiritual sounding ideas down to earth. Spiritual ideas are abundant — perhaps even more than ever before — and yet I remember well that I used to look for practical, concrete examples of HOW to bring these ideas to fruition in my daily life. Hence this book.


Spirit-ual, to me, stands for being in connection with Spirit. I believe we cannot NOT be in connection with Spirit — or Source or The All That Is — because we are made from it (see also my elaboration in My Vision). But that doesn’t mean we all FEEL that connection, let alone that we feel it all the time. What my moment of enlightenment really made clear was HOW I can keep this connection going. By staying true to my Self; by doing what FEELS GOOD. For me. This is why:


The daily practice of Spirit-uality — by staying true to one Self, for better and for worse — is what it’s all about!


And I like to stipulate: this book is, in contrary to most spiritually-guidelined-books, NOT being written at the point where the ‘worse’ part is over and I have reached the top of that mountain challenge. This book is being written IN THE MIDST of the ‘worse’ part, with me sitting at the bottom of my empty treasure chest, writing about the experience.


Also: this is the part where YOU come in.

How does the sponsorship work?

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As spiritual as my beliefs are, as well as my experiences from time to time, I still live in the same 3D world as you do. Money is part of this world, and my pockets are currently empty. You may wonder why I am not getting a job, like any other person would do, and there are a number of answers I can give you. The quickest answer being a rhetorical question: would you be reading this, or even be triggered by my story, if I would choose a less extreme path?


Here is a more interesting question:


What if YOU could decide my next move, and be mentioned for it in my book?


Perhaps you’re curious to know what it is like to spend time with a shaman. Perhaps you wish to promote your retreat by letting me experience it. Perhaps you just want to send me into the jungle and see how I manage.


I invite you to propose and sponsor a trip that will jump out of my book’s pages!


In exchange, YOUR (COMPANY’S) NAME will be mentioned on those same pages.


Sign up for the kind of sponsoring that may change my life via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Where would I like to go?

(In case you'd like to send me there)
AYA Healing Retreats-logo
'AYA Healing Retreats offer sacred plant medicine and teacher plant retreats with Peruvian shamans in the heart of the Amazon.'

As I came across AYA Healing Retreats via an Instagram post of Gary Zukav, it immediately spoke to me. Elio Geusa’s story, the founder, inspires me, and he is on my list as a person to contact and interview. The retreats honor ancient shamanic as well as local, Shipibo traditions, and have been made accessible for Western visitors. This would be a great place to start for me, as I wish to know my Western ways, so that I can decide to let go and/or embrace them differently.

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'I don't chase. I align and attract.
What's for me will find me.'

The above affirmation is in one of my profile photos. After years of explaining why I don’t take ‘frantic’ action, and trust in synchronistic events instead, I finally found a quotation that says it all. This is a recent example of how synchronicity works for me:


As I am enjoying a morning coffee in my favorite coffee place in the small village where I live, a woman enters with two dogs. One of the dogs seems drawn to me, and I pet her gratefully because I love this kind of spontaneous attention from animals. The dog’s owner and I start a conversation and I soon get to share my intention to visit and learn from all kinds of shamans and healers. She replies that she just moved back from Ecuador and knows an Andean shaman there, who is connected to a larger network of medicine people. We exchange contact details and this is how another part of my journey begins.

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'The power of such a mountain is so great and yet so subtle that without compulsion pilgrims are drawn to the mountain from near and far, as if by the force of some invisible magnet, and they will undergo untold hardships and privations in their inexplicable urge to approach and to worship the sacred spot. Nobody has conferred the title of sacredness upon such a mountain; by virtue of its own magnetic and psychic emanations the mountain is intuitively recognized to be sacred. It needs no organizer of its worship; innately, each of its devotees feels the urge to pay it reverence.'
Lama Govinda, The Way of the White Clouds

Need I say more? Yes.


It is my intention to be introduced to this mountain (in California, USA) by the indigenous people that live on / closest to it. A work in progress.

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'A vortex or vortexes are areas of concentrated energy rising from the earth. Some believe that the vortexes are a portal for celestial and terrestrial spirits; you may feel a range of sensations from a slight tingling on exposed skin, to a vibration emanating from the ground when you encounter a vortex. Most often a vortex is felt by palpable sensation across the nape of the neck and the shoulder blades.

Many people believe that Sedona has several vortexes or power spots, making Sedona a highly sought-after spiritual and metaphysical destination.'


Indeed, once I started my exploration of the spiritual realm about a decade ago, the name of Sedona was often mentioned. By now, two of my teachers — Bashar and Drunvalo Melchizedek — reside in the Sedona area, which makes it even more interesting for me. About time I pay a visit to this place of vortexes myself, I’d say.

Who will read my book?

Women, mostly, will connect with my story.

Ages between 29 and 49.

Spiritually curious people.

People coming out of a burnout or depression,
looking for new sources of positivity (I was one of them).

When will the book be finished?

From the beginning of my pilgrimage it has been my intention to spend time with (a) shaman(s), and therewith intensify my knowledge of, as well as practice in, shamanism.

Once I have lived that experience, and once I have written it down, the book will be done.

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