Add a touch of shamanism to your festival or retreat!

As Social Media Shaman, I guide people towards a more conscious approach of technology.


Do technology & conscious living go together?

As a matter of fact they do!

One triggers the other, so that our consciousness can grow even more…

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We are on our way to an adult consciousness, as a civilization, which rises above all technology. But this is only possible when we first learn how to be independent of technology. As a child learns to become independent from its parents…while growing into maturity.

Meaning: the technology is there (for the time being), but we no longer see ourselves as a developed civilization on the basis of our technological progress. We see ourselves as a developed civilization on the basis of our mature collective consciousness.

At the moment, the growth of our collective consciousness is stimulated extra due to the planet Uranus’s presence (from 2018 till 2026) in the constellation of Taurus:

Taurus is the builder and represents money; Uranus rules technology and everything that is modern. This means, for example, that digital currencies explode and another financial crisis cannot be ruled out.

It also means that new technology becomes much more a part of our daily lives, and of our bodies even, through microchips. Technological progress also focuses on solving tangible problems, such as limiting environmental pollution, increasing agricultural yield, and reducing waste altogether.

Thus, a movement towards a more earthly energy takes place, leading to a more sustainable existence.

On an individual level, this means that many changes will occur and that often causes feelings of fear, uncertainty and stress about the future. However, when you live (and work) from your strength, these kinds of changes are less frightening. As Social Media Shaman it is my gift to teach people how to live and work — both online and offline — from their strength.

A conscious approach to technology, whether this involves the Internet or a durable refrigerator, makes the expected and unexpected changeovers easier. Knowing, for example, that a malfunctioning device has a message for you — at the level of how you think and live — already removes a lot of frustration. The subsequent interpretation of that message provides relief in the process of getting the device to function properly and of smoothening life’s challenges.


During a workshop, I work with the unique energy of the group that’s present in the moment. There is a basis of information that I often share, but each group has different needs and I tune into the energy that is present — as a shaman does.


Questions that come up, for example, are:


How can you deal more consciously with technology in everyday life so that it doesn’t control you?

What do you find scary / difficult about technology (such as social media) and where lies your greatest potential in growth?

What message does the Universe have for you through the triggers that technology brings about?


During a one-on-one session, I work intuitively with the question(s) you have for me. Generally, the information starts at the broad level of your life, and then focuses increasingly, and in more detail, on how you can work from flow with social media.


A session always starts with the question you have AT THAT MOMENT.


Since I work tailor-made and in the moment, I do not use standard rates.

Prices for workshops and one-to-one sessions are determined in consultation.