Workshops | Stages

On the one hand, I share my vision by letting people work with it (workshop);

on the other hand I rather like to talk (stages).


Anyway, I hereby extend the invitation.

A preview of my tendency to talk:


(Turn on Closed Captions [CC] for English subtitles.)


The biggest advantage of partaking in a workshop is that participants learn mostly from each other. Of course I am there to guide and provide direction, but my experience is this: eight participants in a workshop = eight teachers. What a treat!

Additionally, since my workshops consist of many moments of interaction, you’ll soon discover that you’re not alone in your doubts, questions and uncertainties about social media. This usually gives a boost to your self-confidence, which of course allows you to express your online presence even better. It’s a win-win-WIN!

Just like with my one-on-one sessions, I create tailor-made workshops. Based on the biggest common-denominator-question from the participants, I put together an interactive 1.5 – 3 hours.

I’ve discovered that a workshop doesn’t flow when I organize it myself, so I stopped doing that. You are, however, cordially invited to lay down the foundation for a workshop for me. That way, I can assure you a smooth and invigorating learning experience!


The foundation consists of:

  • at least 6 participants
  • a date and time at which all participants can attend
  • a (inside/outside) location where we can get together


When my calendar matches the chosen date and time, you can rest assured that it will be a workshop to remember.


The workshop suited my expectations, and encouraged me to explore further the world of social media. I started thinking in another way about how to present my work. I'm going to change my Facebook Page to make my 'why' more clear.

Participant Workshop for the Women Entrepreneur Club


Send me an email!

sieberspauline [at]

Talk with Vision

As an invited speaker, I convert my vision for the stage that presents itself.

Similar to how I invite you here, on this platform, to have an open mind, so too do I share my story. I like to involve the audience in my sharing, so that we all end up feeling the present moment. For me, this also clarifies which information is most needed at that point, so that I can be spot-on with my message.

Overly rehearsed speeches don’t contain any news; only the inspiration of the moment itself leads to surprising insights and enriching words.