What I offer

In short:

I help you discover the unique way in which

social media work for YOU.

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Am I too young, too old, too late ... for social media?

Challenge number 1: to identify your uncertainties with regard to social media. As long as I don’t know what you are going through – in your mind -, I cannot help you.

Social media is a relatively new form of communication, yet ‘everyone’ has a strong opinion about: it should be done like this or it should be done like that. You’d have to be very confident not be thrown by those often conflicting statements!

Lesson number 1: you are the measure. What the rest of the world thinks doesn’t matter. As soon as you act from your own wisdom and values, everything suddenly becomes very simple. Sounds impossible? Why do you think you ended up on this page … I am here to help you!

How / when / where do we meet?

In 2019 and 2020 I will offer my services both on location and online.


From May 2019 I will be traveling for an indefinite period of time, following what is being offered. This means you can book me to give a workshop that makes technology open to discussion during a (spiritual) festival or retreat. Of course I am also available for one-on-one sessions.

More about this on the RETREAT / FESTIVAL page.


The biggest advantage is that, this way, I immediately discover how you really feel about our online existence: if you’re hesitating (about this form of contact) that signals a threshold. (This is not a judgment! It just means more fun for me.)


Again: since you are the measure, I’m not a fan of ‘fixed’ programs. We start with one conversation (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, you name it) and we’ll take it from there.


...leading to REAL online relations and results.


...because you're choosing the platform and messages that feel good and make it a fun experience!


...because the measurement is what YOU like, are capable of and need.


...1. because you choose what feels right and thus are staying true to yourself; 2. because I am supporting you with understandable clarifications of the technicalities.


With a service that is based on customization, standard prices do not apply. I determine my fee according to your wishes.

To give you an indication, the average is € 60 per hour.

For questions and / or to make an appointment, please fill out the form below: