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What do you mean by ‘All Connected’?

My website,, has been completely renewed! On a number of pages you will now see the featured image of a leaf with “all connected” written over it. Although I position myself as a social media shaman, I like to explain why I use these words anyway.

All Connected = everything is one; everything comes from one and the same Source. Technological devices included. From nano chip to Mars rocket, everything is connected to each other because it can be traced back to the same Source.


What is that Source?


The Big Bang from which everything originated, the energy that was the underlying force of that bang and still forms the basis of our existence. But in our daily experiences — although many people are not aware of this — it comes down to the 99.99999999% of ’empty space’ that is located between the energy particles, or atoms, from which we are built.


A bit of science: “Elements are made of extremely small particles called atoms,” and we know this thanks to John Dalton.




“Each of these atoms is each made up of an incredibly small nucleus and even smaller electrons, which move around at quite a distance from the centre.

If you imagine a table that is a billion times larger, its atoms would be the size of melons. But even so, the nucleus at the centre would still be far too small to see and so would the electrons as they dance around it.”


Or so says The ‘dance’ of these particles then means that you cannot just move your hand through a wooden table top or fall right through the seat of your chair: the proximity of your body atoms to those table or chair atoms makes them dance into solid matter.


Now I have put the ’empty space’ that divides those particles between quotation marks. As I understand it, that is exactly where the universal Consciousness is located: in those 99.99999999%. I believe it’s the headquarters of the intelligence that holds the planets in place (or not), that makes plants bloom and that makes babies grow in bellies. Looking at the atomic level, we therefore consist for 99.99999999% of that intelligence, which I have affectionately started calling ‘the 99%’.


As stated on


“[Ervin Laszlo] proposes that the quantum vacuum – which we know contains all the information of our history from the Big Bang to now – is also consciousness. Everything in the universe therefore has consciousness; from a pebble to a tree, to a cloud, to a person. While this goes against the view of mainstream science, there are some highly respected scientists such as Freeman Dyson, David Bohm and Fritjof Capra, who support the idea that the universe is in fact conscious. Ervin Laszlo says that life happens because it comes from the quantum vacuum.”


So far for science, I don’t want to make this story too complicated. Okay, one more perspective…


According to most native and traditional cultures we are, as humans, born from the gods, together with the animals, plants, rocks, rivers and oceans of this earth. So we are the sisters and brothers of all other elements that populate this beautiful planet. Starting from this reasoning, it’s a much simpler and shorter way to an origin of ‘everything = one’: we are all children of the same parents.


An example of this are the Kachinas of the Hopi tribes from the state of Arizona in the US. Kachinas are gods and / or personifications of natural elements, such as the sun, the wind, insects, etc. An observer of this culture describes it as follows:


“The central theme of the Kachina Cult is the presence of life in all objects that fill the universe. Everything has an essence or a life force, and humans must interact with these or fail to survive.”


Since all technology can be traced back to natural materials and, ultimately, also consists of energy-driven atoms, it is logical for me that technological devices can be Kachinas. CAN because the interaction with the Kachinas only becomes visible the moment technology doesn’t do what you want it to do.


The moment an app(arate) ‘fails’ is the moment when the Kachina, or in my words ‘the 99%’, informs you that something is out of balance. You can swear all you want, but the only thing that is asked from you is to adjust the situation so that the energy can flow easily again.


You know what’s funny? I sometimes find this literally in (online) texts and explanations about ‘failing’ apps and devices. Like here:


“When your iPhone boot loops (power on and off), power it down and leave it for a while. Restart it again. As you know it is man-made technology, there are plenty of technical glitches that automatically develop in the background. As long as it is able to fight against them, it continues to go. The moment the glitches compound up, many weird bugs begin to crop up.”


I can make the list of examples even longer, but it’s time to get to the point.


When you realize that everything is connected, and as soon as you feel how the 99% communicates with you through both people and materials, your life becomes 100% easier. The art is to listen to these signals and to translate them so they make sense to you. Most people haven’t learned this at school. In fact, it often requires the unlearning of much accepted knowledge. I can also devote an entire article to that, but I’ll safe it for another time.


For now, I just want to inform you that I can assist you in this translation. That is essentially what my healing work is about. I do it every moment of the day for myself. And I love sharing it with people who are ready to live this way. So hopefully I’ll hear from you soon!



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