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The Whale Dream and many crisis perspectives

I’m on a beach. I don’t know exactly why, I do know that I am there for a reason. The sky is dark blue and cloudy. It doesn’t feel warm, but I’m not cold.


I watch the waves wash up on the beach. I look a little further into the sea and even before I can name the shape, I am on top of it. Or lying on top of it, more accurately. With one leg on each side and no idea how, and if, I can hold on.


The shape is a big whale.


We are speeding up fast because my friend, the whale, immediately swims far into the sea. We dive deep. I might have just taken a last breath, I’m not sure, but I realize I’m not going to make it anyway.


Deeper. Even deeper. Faster. Even faster.


The sea is the ocean and we’re swimming somewhere in the middle of it. Everything is blue and green around me. We’re too far in the al-encompassing water, my body can’t handle this. I’m suffocating…


I’m not breathing, but I’m still alive. Such speed, can’t this slow down? I immediately slow down.


I am the whale.


Woah. I AM the whale! I am GIGANTIC! Check out this mega body, its strength and flexibility!


I turn around my axis and I can sense how the water around me is moved by it. The movement of the water reflects my enormous mass. I may be heavy ashore, but I am easily carried by the water. The joy of this new perception rushes through my body and I accelerate. I swim deep, then push my head up, and swim as fast as I can towards the surface. Once above the water, I feel gravity pulling on my weight and I drop in with a smash. I should be able to improve that move. My tail fin makes big movements and I jump into the air as straight as possible. A larger part of my skin is now exposed to the fresh air, I feel the difference, and I let myself drop with more control.


This is fantastic! This is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced!


I wake up, peek through my half-opened eyes and am a bit confused to find myself lying in a dry bed. When I close my eyes, I still feel the whale. This was one of the most REAL dreams I have had so far.


That was ten years ago.


Over the past ten years, every once and a while, I have made contact with that dream. Often times when I experienced Life as ‘heavy’ and when I noticed a lack of inspiration (read: in-SPIRIT-ion, the feeling of being in contact with Spirit). The dream has had such an impact on me that, not only did I come back to it in times of crisis, but the dream itself can also be referred to as a ‘crisis’.


Why? Here’s how I see it.


The first thing we humans tend to forget, in times of crisis, is the realistic fact that we are always a neutral point in the triad of 1) event, 2) positive judgment and 3) negative judgment. When looking at it from a quantum physical viewpoint, you’ll see that any event is neutral in itself. Everything is energy and energy is neutral. WE are the ones who give events (and people) a positive or a negative charge. That’s why gurus always tell us we are more powerful than we think…


The meaning that we usually give to the idea of a ‘crisis’ is that it is a powerful and intense experience. The word ‘crisis’ is derived from the Greek word krísis, and has the neutral meaning of ‘judgment, result of a trial, selection’ (the other meanings indicated by the include a certain judgment, which is after all, how we are used to looking at words and events). My dream about the whale was a distinctive moment in my life, a crisis, and I chose to give it a positive meaning.


Every time I came back to that dream, I had a different perspective of it. You could say that I created my own version of the famous parable of the Blind men and an elephant. A logical observation is that, with every perspective of the dream, I found myself at a different point in my life, and with that I viewed the dream with different beliefs.


I am a neutral point and I assign meaning to something / someone based on the beliefs I hold to be true in the moment.


Thus, ten years after the whale dream, multiple meanings and truths have been assigned to it. Does that make the dream less true or valuable? No, on the contrary! It makes me richer with insights. They remind me that every event can be approached in many ways and that, as a neutral point, I can CHOOSE which meaning I give it. A choice that translates into my actions, and that is reflected in the world around me. Like the water reflected the size of my whale body.


It gets even better. You see, I view reality as a dream and I dream about how I create my reality. One day, I’ll tell you how that works for me.


In the mean time, every crisis is your choice.


Sweet Dreams,







Photo by  Andre Estevez via Pexels

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