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Week 4: The Mental Part of the Medicine Wheel Invitation

For those who have started this Medicine Wheel Invitation in the first week of January with me, we have reached the final part. For those who have just decided to begin: there is no time like the PRESENT to join!


Indeed, the Medicine Wheel is a continuously moving exercise, inviting us to remain open for different angles and perspectives within the same circum-stance: Life. Therefore, any point in the Wheel can be a beginning and an end. Having said that, this week invites you to focus on perhaps the most tricky part of the Medicine Wheel, which is the mind.

Medicine Wheel according to Social Media Shaman (week 4).

As the PDF of week 4 (downloadable below) explains, all parts of the Wheel — all cardinal directions — are interconnected. And even though we may process certain conditions through our Spiritual connection — or even our Physical connection — FIRST, the mind always perceives itself to be the first to know. I invite you to think about this, without going mental about it: how much trust you put in your thoughts. For most of us, our minds have been conditioned into running our whole lives! I don’t know about you, but that thought alone exhausts me.


This is why I meditate and why I train my mind in stretching itself as much as possible. To keep an open mind, to make myself available for alternative ideas, creativity, inspiration…and to let my heart in. Actually, it’s more the other way around: I am experiencing how much easier it is to follow Life’s flow when I listen to my heart’s wisdom instead of my mind’s monkeys.


It was the HeartMath Institute’s research (find their thought-provoking e-book here) that first put me on this path of heartfelt discovery. Until mid January 2019, that is, which is when my heart basically took over and I was treated to a day of many enlightening moments. Since that day, I am able to discern my mind’s thoughts from my heart’s guidance — and I generally follow the latter. This shift in ‘who’s boss’ did involve a mental decision — leading to new neural pathways in my brain — as this article explains:


“…convincing the brain to accept what it may view as ‘irrational’ is the challenge addressed in the HeartMath model, where researchers explore ways to resolve the heart/mind split, or ‘incoherence.’ The Western view asserts that the brain is senior to the heart — our cultural and educational focus is on the brain, which is habituated to believing it’s the boss. But making the shift is as easy as intentionally creating new neural pathways in the brain. ‘The human brain doesn’t like change. Shift to the heart to send messages to the brain,’ said Gregg Braden.

Discussing coherence and healing, McCraty said, ‘Living systems have the capacity to self-heal. Multiple studies show heart self-regulation lowers blood pressure, improves hormonal balance, and gives better recovery from heart attacks. More coherence means more health. Coherence facilitates the body’s natural regenerative processes.’”


This week’s Medicine Wheel Invitation, therefore, is twofold: while becoming more aware of what is going on in your mind, can you have an open mind for your heart’s messages too?

Over the past month, it has been my absolute pleasure to share my beliefs, knowledge as well as heartfelt guidance with you. If you have any questions or wish to book a session with me, I recommend you take a look at the Sessions | Stages page (you can contact me there too).



Out of love and l i g h t,

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