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Social Media Shaman: what does that mean?

Together with the amazing Marja Godvliet, I have recorded a video in which I present myself briefly (Dutch spoken, but with English subtitles). That video has come about in a complete flow, which makes sense since we both work from flow.

Nonetheless, I’d like to advertise for Marja her talent to present female entrepreneurs in an authentic way. Talking with Marja makes you forget about the camera, and makes you remember who you are…



My added value lies in my understanding of social media as a means of communication. Instead of learning every trick in the social media manual, I see through the mechanism – especially how we, as builders and users, deal with it. As a result, I am not aiming for as many followers and Likes as possible. That only satisfies the algorithm of the social media and the human ego. Moreover, to aim for more followers and Likes means passing the goal: the goal of paying and returning customers who, as enthusiastic ambassadors, tell others about your services.


What do I aim for? For you to be able to communicate and interact from your added value, or as I often call it: working from your power. Where lies your uniqueness? What already flows for you, even though you might be overlooking it? As you’ll understand, this is where my shamanism comes to the fore: I’ll shake your tree of life until that one apple becomes visible.


You also need to know that I see social media purely as a channel, as a means to make your power visible, but not more. Many people think that their strength lies in social media, after all, there are examples (influencers, bloggers, etc.) of people who have gained so many followers and have earned money with them. Indeed, they have. The talents of these people clearly lie in their convenient use of social media as a means to achieve a lot. However, I wonder if it is also their true strength, since real power has nothing to do with ego, money or followers. That force comes from within, from the Source from which everything originated (social media too!), and which occupies 99% of space at the atomic level (meaning: 99% within you is always connected to Source).


In other words: as soon as it feels right in your heart and in your gut, as soon as you’re not trying to prove anything, then you know that you are working from your true strength. If that sounds too good to be true right now, then you are at the right address. I’d love to help you!

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