Social Media Shaman on a world quest

Dear reader,

On the eve of my pilgrimage — April 2019, the moment of my writing — I am a 39-year-old Dutch woman, with no partner or children, who has been living in southern France for two years.


For Western standards I am pretty much an anomaly, according to the standards of many other cultures too, by the way.


For me, life is but a dream. The reason why I jump out of bed every morning is that I get to design that dream myself. And so I decided to go on a journey: a personal pilgrimage for unlimited time, guided by the wind.


I am well aware that, at this age and in my situation, such a trip can be rationally described as a flight, a midlife crisis, and irresponsible behavior to say the least.


My feeling, however, says this:


I’m not running away, I’m running towards myself.
It’s a midlife discovery.
Responsibility means being able to respond to a given situation. In my case, I am responding to the invitation of my feeling; of my potential.


This pilgrimage is an exploration for me. It is the discovery of myself, the discovery of the world we share, as humanity, and the opportunity for other people — all over the world — to discover me.


That is the basis.


On top of that basis, it is my wish to spread my vision, as a medicine woman in modern technology, and, simultaneously, to learn from the perspectives and people on my path.


Compassion, Trust and Truth are the focal points of my quest.


I do hope to meet you, dear reader, in person on this path! You can invite me via the form below, which also serves as a medium to ask me any other questions.


Lots of love,

Photo: Ludovic Fremondiere via unsplash

I invite you to ask me where I am right NOW!