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A session with me, Social Media Shaman, is most applicable when:


You experience a lack of inspiration.

You feel stuck in your process.

You need a new perspective on your circumstances.

As you can see, these are rather wide-ranging descriptions of possible issues that may be bothering you.

The reason for this wide range lies in my work experience as Social Media Shaman:
most of my clients first came to me with a ‘small’ social media related question,
and ended up with a more inspired (or, as I say: in-spirit-ed),
and more optimized view of their business as a whole.

Photo by Wendy van Hardeveld

Photo by Wendy van Hardeveld

We are all born creators and inspiration
lies just around the corner,
but sometimes we get too distracted
to see what’s already there.

That’s normal, we’re only human!

Thus, what I do is remind you.
I remind you of your unique potential,
of your forgotten passion,
and of your hidden strengths.

As you ask me your question(s),
I tune into both the verbal and non-verbal information I get from you.

What I then feel, is what I give back to you.

This is how that works:

  • What you say is what you get in life. As I am a keen witness of your wording, I make note of the direction your words are taking you. This applies to all facets of life — businesses included.


  • I point out your train of thoughts, as well as where those thoughts are stopping you in your tracks.


  • You may be used to your feelings, but they are new to me. By mirroring them to you, those neglected feelings become visible again, enabling you to transfer pain into gain.


  • By becoming aware of where your feelings, thoughts and words are taking you, you suddenly get to choose a new and more preferred direction.

My methods include my technical skills in online communications and relations, my coaching skills,
as well as my intuitive approach as a shaman.


Expect the unexpected because the outcome is always unique to the situation!


Thus, if you wish to experience an inspirational, and in-spirit-ed session
where blockages turn into arrows pointing towards infinite possibilities…

...this is where you apply:

...this is where you apply:

    If you are looking for prizes: I create them in consultation.

    To give you an indication:

    prizes range from €44 for a 4-questions-subscription to €444 for a full-on group session.

    Group Session

    The biggest advantage of a group session is that we each become each other’s teacher. Whether the group consists of individuals who never met before or of coworkers who meet each other every day, I guide the group into a cohesive force that works to the benefit of us all. We enter the session as sole participants; we leave as complementary pieces of powerful inspiration.


    During a group session, I work with the unique energy of the group that’s present in the moment. There is a basis of information that I often share, but each group has different needs and I tune into the energy that is present — as a shaman does.


    Here too, the group gives me their question(s), and I act as a conduit for the direction they are unaware of, and for the inspiration they have overlooked.

    This is how that works:

    • Individuals only feel their own troubles and pain, whereas I feel those of everyone present. I often connect unseen dots that enable one participant to help, or even heal!, the other.


    • Anything that has remained hidden, will surface through group interaction. By creating a safe environment during the session, I make sure complicated issues get untangled and reveal their natural solutions.


    • A group of coworkers can get stuck in their group dynamics. An effect which then limits their combined capacities. As I remind them of their shared strengths, the door to infinite inspiration opens up once more.

    Does this seem like the right medicine for a group that you are a part of? Or do you wish to organize a gathering and summon an inspirational experience?



    ...this is where you apply:

      Talk with Vision

      As an invited speaker, I convert my Vision for the stage that presents itself.

      Similar to how I invite you to have an open mind on this platform, so too do I share my story. And boy, do I have stories to tell!

      I also like to involve the audience in my sharing, so that we all end up feeling the present moment. For me, this clarifies which information is most needed at that point, so that I can be spot-on with my message.

      Overly rehearsed speeches don’t contain any news; only the inspiration of the moment itself leads to surprising insights and enriching words.