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Physically Moving Through Week 3 of the Medicine Wheel Invitation

Our Medicine Wheel focus moves from the South to the West, the place where both the Sun and our bodies are put to rest. Are you ready to face the forces of energy and matter?


During the first two weeks of the Medicine Wheel Invitation we maneuvered from the invisible (Spirit) to the slightly more tangible (laughter and tears). And now we end up where it ‘all matters’, or where all IS matter, in the physical realm.

Medicine Wheel according to Social Media Shaman (week 3).

Before your expectations take over, and tell you to take this physical stuff very grave and seriously, let me clarify this: if you wish to move through Life with ease and grace, you’d better take it all very l i g h t l y.


You see, Spirit resides everywhere, including in the physical realm. As any shaman will tell you, Spirit can be found in rocks, in trees, in animals, in water, in wind, in fire, etc. As Social Media Shaman, I tell you Spirit resides even in the most random technological tool — yes, that includes the device you are reading this with. The reason why this is so hard to take in for many people, is that they have started to solely rely on their physical senses. Only if they can see it, they believe it.


Add to that the emotional bonds (see also last week’s emotional exploration) with which we tie ourselves down (by always worrying what other people think of us!), and it’s no wonder that people feel stuck in Life! As long as we let our lives rule by what’s the matter, stressing over past and future events, it feels like we’re making our way through hardening cement.


Therefore, this week’s focus may lie on the physical, but it is not meant to make it all the more heavy on you. If anything, this week’s invitation is to l i g h t e n up!

How? By focusing on the present moment, which is the ONLY moment in which you can physically act and move! Past and future merely exist in our minds…but let’s not get too far ahead, because ‘the Mental’ is scheduled for next week.


So let’s stay PRESENT.


Out of love & l i g h t,

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