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No, I am not helping you to get more Likes. I’ll help you get more clients

Today I received the question “Pauline, can you help me getting more Likes?” This article is my answer to the heroine who dared to ask this question. As I suspect that she’s not the only one walking around with that question …this article is for you too!

Social media are relatively new as a means of communication, but they basically still run on a 100-year-old marketing machine. That machine gives our egos all the power and assumes a state of lack. Replenish, replenish, replenish is the message. Our egos never think they are and / or have enough….


However: the times of mass marketing and shooting blanks are over! The New Age has arrived and we will see evidence of this in the realm of technology over the coming years.


Therefore, the invitation, and the choice, is this:


Do you wish to be led by a state of lack OR do you have the guts to conduct marketing from abundance and your own inexhaustible power?


Genuine marketing is not about Likes or reactions; genuine marketing is about visibility amongst the people who are inherently already your fans.


In this New Age you can focus on those who are a match with what you offer. You can be confident that you’ll always have enough, and that you no longer need to offer your services to everyone and everything “In case… [fill in]” Please liberate yourself from the FOMO urge!


Focus your services / products, focus your attention, and dare to conduct AIMED marketing: who will you AIM it at?


You know very well: the universe follows your focus like a loyal dog.


I am not saying that you shouldn’t receive or appreciate Likes. I’m just saying Likes are a nice side effect to your goal. Getting likes is not your goal. Being on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn is not your goal. Reaching as many people as possible is not your goal.


Your goal is to get your service / product to the attention of the RIGHT people. People who need it and people who can do something with it. People who would like to pay for it because your service / product simply has added value for them.


You’ll only reach these people if you work from your strength, and operate with confidence. This means no more pushing all the buttons, in the crazy hope that a few followers will come out of it … but you understand that now, right?


If not, you can always ask me. Because guess what: helping you communicate from your strength … that’s MY strength!


Call it a coincidence, but today I also came across this beautiful excerpt from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer his book Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling. For the additional in-Spiration I am sharing it here with you:


“Thanks to the world we live in, we’ve developed many habits that are the direct result of living almost exclusively “in-ego” rather than in-Spirit. This will stress how to gain awareness of these ego habits, how to immediately protect ourselves from these onslaughts, and how to develop alternate strategies to ensure that we remain connected to Spirit—even in the face of a blitzkrieg that’s designed to take us away from living an inspired life.

I’m not suggesting that there’s a conspiracy to keep us from living in-Spirit. My contention is simply that when a majority of society members are raised and persuaded to believe in the illusion of ego, then that society will develop and evolve firmly committed to that false self. It would then be natural for such a society to put forth messages designed to promote the idea of the importance of ego and all of its inherent ideas—and we’re fully immersed in just such a society.

I once heard Swami Satchidananda lecture about this subject of the collective ego and its unceasing impact on all of us. He looked at the two words heart and head, the symbols for Spirit and ego, respectively, and confirmed that we’re in-Spirit when we act from our heart. Swami also observed that the word heart contains two words, he and art, and that leads to the thought that he and his art make up the heart.

The word head, on the other hand, also contains two words—he and ad—which leads to the thought that he and his ad make up the head. Swami reminded us that the head is an advertisement—that is, it’s the ego looking for recognition. He then asked a question I’ve never forgotten: “Why is it that lovers call each other sweetheart and not sweethead?” And he reminded us not to despise the head or symbolically cut it off, but rather to let our heart (that is, our feelings) lead, and the head will then follow, rather than the other way around.”


Hay House excerpt from Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling






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