My vision

Our natural connection does not stop at human technology.


That may not be entirely what you expect from me. You may think of lists and tips with to do’s and to don’ts. How to recruit 100 followers on Facebook in one day or the best time to post a photo on Instagram. Isn’t there already an abundance of that kind of advice available?


What I find much more interesting is how we can make this relatively new medium, and this incredibly attractive online existence, work for US. At the moment we are still mainly a direct object of our own, technological creation. Nobody is in charge of this vehicle, but we all think that the ‘OTHER’ (who’s online non-stop and posts nothing but marvelous updates) is at the wheel.


Currently, there are few people acting from their personal power when they are online. Most of us participate in the masses, think that we are constantly behind on the (technological) facts, and become miserable of the deluge of information coming at us. All in all not such a great experience, this online existence…


How then?


My vision is not the solution, it is a way.


Feels GOOD

Our natural state of being – who you truly are – is always in contact with the Source of life. Call it God, Universe, Consciousness, we ARE that Source. In fact, EVERYTHING IS that Source.


Hence: even though we – as people – have invented all that wonderful technology, it is just as much a part of the Source. Separation is not at the level of matter – as we consider a forest as ‘nature’ and a computer as ‘technology’ – but in our thinking. It is our judgmental ability that makes the distinction, not the reality of our existence.


Most people have forgotten how they can keep in touch with Source (our natural state of being). They have forgotten how to have a life in which everything runs, flows, goes, but above all: feels good.


Yes, that includes social media.


The way of full attention, relaxation, feeling GOOD and acting on the basis of intuition makes every action on social media logical and ensures that it flows. It follows that ‘Go with the flow’ literally takes place!

This requires a willingness to investigate, from your natural curiosity, how social media has become an integral part of your life. I don’t mean checking (in) 100 times per day on ‘auto pilot’. I mean, taking note of what feels GOOD and then giving your full attention to it.


It is so striking that ‘attention’ is being called the currency of this moment. Because what does that attention consist of? Having the attention span to watch a video for no more than 5 seconds! Now wonder there’s such a competition going on about who can keep our attention for longer than those 5 seconds.

It’s a silent struggle, though, because the decision — on where your precious attention will be aimed at — is exclusively being made in YOUR head. No medium or marketer can decide for your next Like, reaction or update. Even though the impression is created that we are only puppets of the increasingly more ingenious algorithms. The choice remains yours. The more you allow yourself to consciously deal with this, the more you’ll see right through all those algorithms and the more you’ll choose your own way. Yes, indeed, it sounds a bit like the Matrix. But much more fun to experience in real life, trust me!

What’s next?


More connection. Human and wholehearted connections, both online and offline. Integrity. Authenticity. And yes, success. Whatever success means for you now, you are going to experience it. Admittedly differently from what you thought, though.


How does this FEEL? Do you accept the challenge of a new and enriching online existence?

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