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Modern Shamanism: A Vicious Circle Of Love And Trust

“On a global scale, shamanism refers to the spiritual tradition or religion of native cultures around the world. These spiritual traditions are said to have certain things in common: a respect for nature, a respect for all life, and a respect for their ancestors. While this is all true, this is only the barest of beginnings of what it means to practice shamanism.”

(Ruiz 2018: VIII-IX)

In the old days, shamans — or medicine (wo)men — mostly lived outside of tribal villages; on the outskirts of a society. So you can imagine that whenever someone came back from a healing by the shaman, their story would be a good one to tell. It would be added to the pile of myths and scare-the-children kind of tales that’d be going around about that particular shaman anyway. Therefore, some people would only visit the shaman when they were at the end of their wits. They’d be scared sh*tless!


Nowadays, shamans live amongst us. They may not always be as participatory in societal life as any other Jane or Joe, but they wouldn’t shy away from a good party neither.


Since this has changed, it’s harder to find the shaman that can heal you. Moreover because not all of them are calling themselves “shamans”, and also because they provide such a wide array of healing practices. There is a trick for finding the “right” healer, though, and it’s called your gut feeling:


She / he will either feel really good or she / he will scare you.


Remember: fear is not a “no” at all! Fear is merely induced by your ego because it fears its own death. If you can look past the fear, does this healer still feel good to you?


The difference is, you see, that a healer may not feel “right” for you. You try to put it to words, you try to rationalize the reason, but you can’t. Stop trying, start accepting this is not your healer (for now) and move on. There’s plenty of healers around, just try another one!


Okay, time to turn the table.


I am a shaman. I am not a shaman as they were back in the day. Society has changed and our shared consciousness has evolved, so not all of the old ways apply anymore. That makes sense, right?


I am also not a shaman according to what the past 100 years have taught you about doing business, and marketing in particular, for entrepreneurs. Ah yes, let’s be clear about that: in this day and age I am first and foremost an entrepreneur — both in your eyes and according to the societal / governmental system. These are parts of an Old Energy that brought about certain marketing practices 100 years ago, and that has many people living in survival mode.


Entrepreneurs are still being taught today that cold calling, cold messaging, cold (e)mailing is the way to gather clients. Yes, I know, there are opt-ins and opt-outs now, as well as recent European rules such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But why do you think these laws have been activated? Because most entrepreneurs, in their survival mode, think they still have to chase and pester their clients!


It has taken me a long time to realize this, to see it for what it is (without judgment: people are where they are in their progress), and to choose differently. The New Energy has arrived on our planet, and with it, different ways of going about life — business included. No more chasing, no more shooting blanks in case I “hit” one right client, no more fear of losing my business. Being a shaman isn’t a business, it’s my life.


So I trust. After all, as don Jose Ruiz has put so eloquently,


“The wisdom you seek is inside you.
Take a moment and feel the truth of those words.
One of the most important aspects of shamanism is that within every one of us is the light, the divinity, or as my ancestors would say, the natural. Each one of us has our own truth inside ourselves. The quest of the shaman is to find, live, and express it.”

(Ruiz 2018: XV)


Modern entrepreneurs / healers / shamans, who are picking up on the New Energy, put themselves on the map so their clients can find them when in need. Not before, not after, not maybe. Simply and effectively at the right place, at the right time.


How these entrepreneurs put themselves on the map differs per healer / shaman. Some will find that a website suffices, others find one or more social media channels that do a great job, and some stay offline and use the power of word of mouth. Make no mistake: in all those 100 years, marketeers have never been able to trump the successes of the ages-old word of mouth. That’s because word of mouth comes with trust, and since trust has been scarce in the age of survival, it’s even more powerful when present.


In my case, I tune into the kind of clients I wish to attract and / or the kind of service I wish to provide. I tune into this by means of meditation, dance, and my pondering during beach / forest walks. Answers arrive in the form of thoughts, mostly, and those thoughts really start as inklings, like little bread crumbs, which I follow until I meet with a next step, a solution or…a new question. Alternatively, sometimes the lead to a new client or project literally calls me up.


What has never changed, however, is that shamanism only works when the healer is in alignment. As a shaman, you have to WALK YOUR TALK.


Therefore, as I take my walk of Trust, all the while being tested every other step of the way, I describe it. A description that invites me to clarify, in words, what this choice for Love and Trust looks like. And, as I talk about it, I know that I can only tell the truth. Meaning: my talk has to come from (walking) experience.


And thus arrives my vicious circle of Love and Trust. A circle that brings me miracles, smiles, tears, inspiration, genuine connections, but above all: PEACE.


“…she has reached a state of peace, clarity, and awareness hitherto unknown to her. She has become a vessel of love, and when you fill yourself up with love, it begins to overflow. This overflow of love is what the shaman shares with others, because that is all that is left. That is why the shaman wants to help others wake up to the fact that they are dreaming.”

(Ruiz 2018: XXV)




SOURCE: Ruiz, J. don. (2018). The Wisdom of the Shamans: What the Ancient Masters Can Teach Us about Love and Life. San Antonio: Hierophant Publishing.

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