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Medicine Wheel Invitation: week 1

Here is a very spontaneous idea: how about we create an intentional and focused month of January 2020!

(Instead of trying to hold on to those New Year’s resolutions all year long..?)


I’m saying ‘we’ because this is an invitation…not an obligation. It occurred to me that I’d really like to start 2020 with as much focus and intention as I can summon for this brand new year. I have never before organized an invitation like this on such a short notice. Which is also part of the point: let’s make this an extra l i g h t year!


After everything we’ve experienced over the course of last year, I believe this year invites us even more to be our own guides. I don’t think we’re supposed to have all the answers — what would be the fun in that? — but I do believe we’re supposed to remember more of WHO we are. Eternal expressions of consciousness, Soul energy containing a body, as well as human beings.


So, to give ourselves an extra conscious nudge, I created the Medicine Wheel Invitation:

Medicine Wheel according to Social Media Shaman (week 1).

The Medicine Wheel being a conduit to guide us in efforts to change, to improve, and to do some Soul diggin’. When googling ‘medicine wheel’ you’ll find the image as I show here, as well as many different applications and explanations around it. For the purpose of this month’s invitation, I choose a simple version of the Medicine Wheel that contains:

  • the four cardinal directions (East, South, West and North),
  • the four basic colors (yellow, red, black and white), and
  • the four basic complexities that make up a human being (Spiritual, Emotions, Physical, Mental). 


Each part of the Medicine Wheel — each piece of the pie, if you will — contains one week of January. Thus, each week we are invited to introspect and ponder from a certain point of focus. What better way to start the New Year than by having a l i g h t shown on all of our (four) directions? 


On the one hand, the Medicine Wheel’s seemingly flexibility in application makes it the perfect ‘method’ for my intention. On the other hand, I risk stepping on some toes because I use the Medicine Wheel rather lightly…this time. Let me assure you that the lightheartedness and playfulness with which I enter this intentional month of January, stem from the same Source that gave the idea of the Medicine Wheel to the first humans who used it. We share the same connection; we come from the same One.


I use the word Invitation to invite you in. Into my world of magic, of constant discovery, of many unknowns, and of l i g h t-ness. Lightness in moving, in thinking, in being. Not to ignore the dark, or to step away from ‘serious business’, but to shed a different l i g h t on it, and to be able to embrace it all. Embrace in com-passion (with passion). A compassion born out of empathy for ourselves as well as others. 


Will you join me? If so, just click on the button below to download the PDF with my guiding contemplations and questions for the first week:

By downloading the above PDF you are not committed to anything. Not to me, anyway.


The commitment only starts when you DECIDE to commit to this. And then you’re still only committed to your Self.


Next week, around January 7th, I will upload the Medicine Wheel Invitation for week 2. Again, your decision wether you follow through. I trust you’ll know what to do.


Out of love and l i g h t,


Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

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