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Emotional: Week 2 of the Medicine Wheel Invitation

So, how did you fare through the first week of this brand new year? Did your focus on the spiritual — your connection with Spirit — serve as the intriguing guide it was invited to be?


I can honestly say I have felt amazingly inspired — or: in-spirit-ed — for most of the week! Of course, there are many factors at play when it comes to my inspiration, so the nudge of my intentional focus helped me to stay more present through it all. It added to my genuine feeling of gratitude too.


Similar to last week, this week’s invitation of the Medicine Wheel is to focus on the ‘invisible’, a.k.a. the emotional sensations we cannot see but certainly do FEEL. Contrary to last week though, this week’s connection is much more apparent in our lives: we all have a wide array of experiences with our emotions, although the feelings themselves seem hard to grasp.


Where do emotions come from? What are we supposed to do with them?

Medicine Wheel according to Social Media Shaman (week 2).

As a child, have your emotions been explained to you? Did anyone help you understand what kind of emotion you were experiencing, or even guide you through the intense feeling?


Those questions may sound silly with regards to what we label ‘positive’ emotions (e.g. joy, happiness, cheerfulness, bliss). I believe, however, that even the experience of those emotions can be deepened, and be better felt, when we are more aware of what our emotions are telling us.


Over the next 7 days (or so), you are therefore invited to really take note of your emotions. Write down what triggers you: when do your more joyful emotions come forward; when do your more sad emotions take the stage?


As is explained in the PDF below, each emotion is driven by a belief. Thus, when you are emotional, the deeper question is: which belief is being triggered?

Again, this is an invitation and you apply it to your life and circumstances in a way that suits YOU best. The tool may be the same, we each get our OWN results.


If you have any questions for me, however, please do not hesitate to ask! There’s an easy breezy contact form at the bottom of the Home page.


Until next week!


Out of love & l i g h t,

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