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Dancing Into Another Phase

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
— Alan Watts

My friends know. My family knows. My clients know. But…uhm…I don’t think you really know, do you?


I’m referring to my wish to move to Paris.


When browsing through my blog posts over the years (on, you’ll notice that I’ve had several wishes and dreams, and that I’ve managed to bring most of them to fruition. They’ve all started with an overenthusiastic announcement, several updates of my progress, and a final description of how I got to where I wished to be.


This one feels differently the same.


The same because I’ve already affected the people around me with my plan. Since my family, as well as many of my friends, live in The Netherlands they are quite happy with the idea of me being closer by. Paris – Amsterdam is a mere train trip of 3 hours. That’s nothing compared to where I am based now, in the South of France, which is less of a travel hub so to speak.


Different because I am more indifferent towards the outcome. I really, REALLY wish to move to Paris (preferably in the next few months), don’t get me wrong, but I realize it is mostly a wish to make a conscious change. A sensible person could argue that I’ve only been here, in the South of France, for two years — the mere beginning of settling down. I tend to listen to my sensitivity more than my sensibility, however. I am well aware of the turbulent impression this gives, but the urge for action that alters my life circumstances is stronger than my Ego’s protection over the image of being a settled down, zen life coach.


This is where I refer to the blog post on how we cannot change: I am taking the steps that may bring me to Paris, and my identity does not depend on the outcome. I feel closer to my Self as I listen to its soft whispers of ideas, but the emphasis is not on the perfect execution of those ideas; the emphasis lies on the listening.


As long as I listen to my Self, I feel at home with Me.


It’s as simple as saying that it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. As cliché as that may sound, it doesn’t make it less true to me.


And so I dance into another phase of my life. Head up, arms wide open, gaze fixed on the next thing to arrive.




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