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Are you ready for a human scale, for a more natural approach?

“For how long am I going to keep this up …?
Will I still be able to do groceries?
Will I be able to pay all my bills this month?
And what about next month ..?”

Until recently I felt alone on an island with these questions. Now it seems as if the whole world has come to join me on that same island. Which is very sweet of you, my darlings, but really you shouldn’t have… I mean, I’ll live (wink).


As a constant buzz of articles, texts and fears of my fellow islanders — all ‘raging’ about why we are on this island again — takes place in the background, I am looking for an empty piece of beach. Djeez. Peace at last.


Time to ponder:


For as long as I can remember, I have wondered why we don’t treat each other more humanly. As a child I wondered why we oblige each other to do things that sometimes manage to make ALL parties involved unhappy. Although I had no shortage of money in my youth, I wondered from an early age on why money was made so important. What could money get me that was more important than a hug from my parents?


You may say I was an idealist from the get-go. You may also pay me in hugs … but better put those on hold for a while.


Now, about four decades later, I have learned to turn my questions into invitations. Every day I invite myself to be open to new questions and unusual answers. What seems complete truth at one moment can be questioned the next. Not out of mistrust, but out of TRUST.


I trust the fact that Nature, and All That Is, work according to laws that are often invisible and intangible to my physical brain. Our perception is not always equal to the truth of the underlying mechanism. We perceive with our senses and have convinced ourselves (thanks to the glorification of our ratio and the weighty voice of science) that our brain’s conclusions are the truth. We THINK we can perceive everything with our mind. It is the human HEART, however, that’s in charge of the best perception, as it is connected to All That Is, also known as the quantum field. That heart connection is there even when you are not aware of it, because it is an underlying mechanism of the human condition. A mechanism that you will automatically feel as soon as you open yourself up to become aware of it. The moment you do, a brain-heart coherence takes place, a connection that represents your whole Self.


Thus, I teach myself to live more ‘wholehearted’ and less ‘mindful’: I prefer a full heart and an empty mind. The nicest side effect is finding out that my heart loves ‘the unknown,’ while my brain prefers feigned control.


Thanks to this wholeheartedness, I have no expectations of others, except that they are themselves as much as possible, and I do not oblige anyone to anything — especially not my Self. I connect from my heart and from my passion, knowing that when the fire of the connection fades, the relation will be released in a natural way. Like leaves falling from the trees in Fall, after a fiery spring and a passionate summer, so that they can reflect on the next connection during Winter. That is how Nature works, and we humans ARE Nature.


I prioritize daily on the basis of what feels good, what I feel passionate about, and how it contributes to others as well. In doing so, I rely on the following definition of abundance:


“Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.” — Bashar


Normally many people think of MONEY as the only form of abundance, but I suspect that this kind of thinking is already changing. Being confined to our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, makes us realize what really matters…


What is NEEDED, is that also what your brain wants? Or is it what you get — oftentimes unexpectedly? And if what you get is not what you want, can you — from trusting your heart — see the beauty of it anyway?


And we ponder on.


The questions I had as a child, asked for a different order: people first, money later. As a young adult, my university studies in Organizational Behavior pointed me to management principles that used a ‘human scale’. By now, while copying that concept, I also add a layer of less-management-more-humanism (or a layer of idealism, whichever way you choose to look at it).


So far, society has taught us to measure people by their bank balance and to see that balance represented in their clothes, the house they live in and the car that’s in the driveway. Our favorite medium of exchange, money, has become the measure of everything. First we look at potential profit, second, man / Nature is squeezed into the framework.


But then, on March 18, 2020, a Dutch newspaper reported on the emergency measures different governments had announced: from “…sending $250 billion worth of checks to millions of Americans” to renewed talks about a Universal Basic Income in the UK.


To me, this feels like the scales are tipping: standard regulations are being replaced by emergency measures to support the financial ‘survival’ of the people. At macro level, this still means that money has priority over all other forms of abundance, but this idealist sees more happening at micro level…


What I see happening, on a local level, is that other forms of abundance are emerging. More exchanges (without money as currency) are taking place, more is given and received, there is more creative thinking, ‘imaginary’ ideas are (finally!) taken seriously, and there are more ‘coincidences’ (or: synchronicities) to facilitate these changes. (I am deliberately not linking to examples here. If your brain wants proof, look for it in your immediate environment.)


“Pauline, we’re going to meditate as a group, will you join us?”


Ah, the end of my pondering, and the end of my solo peace for now. Time for a group moment of peace with my fellow islanders.


There are still plenty of questions to get to, and we’re not in a hurry (anymore). From human-to-human I wish you much heartfelt health … and until next time!






Photo by Kelli Golis via Pexels

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