My name is Pauline Siebers and I am Social Media Shaman:

your guide on the path to being your best Self online and offline.


I work most effectively by answering (your) questions

and this page is the start of that.

Feel free to ask me any other question(s) in a personal message!


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Photo of Pauline at the beach, taken by studioKATAmsterdam

Photo: studioKATAmsterdam

Furthermore, this website is not built for fast traffic:
I invite you to enjoy your journey through my information, and to take some distance
from the hyper-scrolling that has become ’normal’ nowadays.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

What is a Social Media Shaman?

I consider myself, Social Media Shaman, as a spiritual guide for a conscious and abundant life — both online and offline.


Now that social media have become more commonplace, we tend to isolate that area from the rest of our existence. Social media is the area where marketers are the “experts”; where young people in particular know where to go; where you should be “on” as much as possible, but not too much according to the latest hype in mindfulness apps, and where so many updates take place (from both your “friends” and from the platforms themselves) that it is impossible to keep up.


That area.


In my shamanic practice I take the holistic approach that social media reflect our (unconscious) thoughts and belief systems just like any other interaction with the outside world. In other words: when you decide to communicate with others through social media, you will come across exactly the same positive and negative experiences as you would come across offline.

As you ask me your question(s), I tune into both the verbal and non-verbal information I get from you. What I then feel, is what I give back to you.


This is the kind of feedback that inspires you, and immediately puts you in your AUTHENTIC POWER.


Expect the unexpected because the outcome is always unique to the situation!

If you are merely looking for technical tips & tricks, I will gladly refer you to other websites.
I love to share my (technical) skills, but I prefer to see you being so confident
that it gives you pleasure to find out for yourself how an online platform works
... and how you can improve it!


For the moment (2021), I reside in The Netherlands, which leads to two options:


Live session (individual / group)

We meet at a location that suits the session. This can be for an individual or a group session. (More about this on the Sessions | Stages page.)


Online session (individual)

We use Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, or another tool to meet online. Please use the contact form below to set up such a session.

If you are looking for prizes: I create them in consultation.

To give you an indication:

prizes range from €44 for a 4-questions-subscription to €444 for a full-on group session.


Harriët Kroon

Pauline Siebers is a pleasure to work with. She is always full of inspiration; goes for quality rather than quantity; and is good at keeping an overview of all projects and plans. It is good to have Pauline at my side, for she is not afraid to coach and direct me or tell me the truth where needed. I really appreciate her reminders and thoughtfulness. Pauline Siebers has the qualities required to be a guide, coach and leader.

Harriët Kroon Mother of the Divine Plan Healing School
Heleen Rittershaus

Pauline has been my guardian angle during my social media learning journey!
Her uplifting presence, both on- and offline, is hands-on and with awareness. She takes the time and has the patience to explain and help overcome overwhelm. She is really there for you which has given me the motivation to keep at it and enjoy the results. She makes you feel comfortable, capable and eventually proud of accomplishing things for yourself.
Pauline definitely helps you to move forward ?

Heleen Rittershaus Creator and Owner of RITTERSHAUS

Who is Pauline Siebers?

Photo: Wendy van Hardeveld


A spiritual being having a human experience.

I know, I know, it’s not the most down-to-earth explanation of who I am. But I’m not asking you to believe me. What I’m asking you is whether YOU would dare to say something like that online. A statement you’d suspect not everyone to agree with, but which expresses the truth for you nonetheless. Because that is who I am and what I stand for: I invite people to follow their own compass. It’s not something I teach, it’s what I do by being true to myself — so you see how it can be done.

Other than that, I am also a human being who has received her share of ups and downs to arrive at this point. From a burn-out to a depression; from almost bankrupt to moving to France. Been there, done that. The majority of these adventures have been put to words in my blog posts under My writings — in case you’re curious.

Since ‘who I am’ is constantly changing, it doesn’t make sense to me to write a static story about myself here. I do invite you, however, to follow me on the social media where I present myself — you did see that invitation coming, didn’t you? — and where I share the current and flows of my life.

Photo: Scott Webb via unsplash


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